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  1. Will my “beyond compatible toner” deliver OEM quality prints?  
     A: Yes. While some third-party companies may churn out substandard products that are hit-or-miss on quality, Laser Toner World beyond compatible toners are manufactured at the largest and most established Tier 1 Factory in the world. By making sure all products have passed the ISO-9001 test before reaching the market, Laser Toner World can deliver high quality prints, every time and back it up with a 1-Year Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee.

    2. Will the use of a “beyond compatible toner” damage my printer?
       A: No. Your beyond compatible toner meets or exceeds OEM specifications and will never damage your printer. In fact, replacing your toner on time can prolong the life of your printer. Printing with a nearly empty toner cartridge can damage your blade and transfer belt, causing interior mechanical problems.

    3. Will the cause of compatible/remanufactured products void my printer warranty?
       A: No. Ignore unfounded claims of warranties voided because of third-party consumables. The law is on your side. The 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act law speaks to manufacturers not having a stranglehold over the needed supplies of machinery or any product. Think you might run into a problem? Remove your compatible cartridge before bringing the printer to your service center for maintenance or repair.
    4. Why is my toner leaking powder in my printer?
       A: Always replace drums and/or waste hoppers on time! Toners and drums almost never fill up before their end of life. Remember that part of the job of your consumables is to remove spent toner from your printer and replace toners and drums on time.
    5. What is the difference between original and a beyond compatible cartridge?
       A: Beyond price, there is little more than a cosmetic difference! An original cartridge is manufactured or marketed by the same company that made your printer, while your beyond compatible cartridge is produced by a the largest and most established ISO9001 Certified Tier 1 Factory in the world.
    6. Why should I buy a “beyond compatible” cartridge?
       A: Beyond compatible cartridges save you a lot of money! Compatibles can be up to 80% cheaper than an original.
    7. Can I send you my empty cartridges?
       A: At this point, we do not have program to buy back, take back, or refill your empty cartridges.
    8. What carriers do you use?
       A: Your order will arrive via FedEx or UPS. We can also ship via USPS for P.O. Boxes and military APO and FPO boxes.
    9. How long will it take for me to receive my order?
       A: Customers currently receive 97% of orders in 1-3 business days. However, certain special-order toners may take longer.

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