What Is Laser Toner?

  san antonio laser tonerIn laser printers and photocopiers, text and images are connected to paper via the use of toner, a powder mixture. The fuser melts the powder mixture and bonds it to the paper. This generally occurs through a toner cartridge. Toner is mainly comprised of granulated plastic. Early mixtures also involved iron oxide and carbon powder, however, there have since been mixtures created that include fumed silica, polypropylene, and certain minerals for triboelectrification. There are also mixtures that incorporate plant-derived plastic rather than petroleum plastic.

For color copiers and printers, modern laser toner cartridges come in sets of yellow, cyan, black, and magenta. By mixing these various colors together in various ways, you will have a large color gamut to work with.

Laser toner differs from a drum unit in that while the toner in the toner cartridge is used to create letters and images, the drum is the device that transfers the toneer to the paper. Laser printers transfer toner to a roller called “The photosensitive drum” which is located inside the drum unit. Letters and images are then printed by transferring toner to paper via pressure and heat.

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