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What Is a Printer Drum?

san antonio printer drumThe laser printing process involves the transference of page data to the printer (accomplished through static that matches the data instructions). Paper is then drawn into the printer where it passes over electrically charged rollers or a wire, giving it a negative charge. The laser in the printer alters the charge and then draws the text and images into the static that matches the data. Toner adheres to the drum in places where the laser has touched it, and the negative charge of the paper pulls the toner off the drum bonds it to the paper, which is then heated and passed through a set of rollers where the toner is then melted and fused to the paper.

Our Products

When you choose Laser Toner World, you will get San Antonio printer drums manufactured in ISO 9001/14001 and/or STMC-certified facilities. Our products are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; you can rest assured you’ll be getting high-quality laser printer drums. Expect crisp, clear text and words for business or personal use.