What makes a person want to start another toner company?

Three decades serving Texas businesses with printer, point-of sale, and business supply has taught Tarrie Richmond one enduring lesson. Business owners appreciate the real deal.

  • Business owners appreciate when you tell them that the law is on their side — that using 3rd party toners and drums does NOT void their printer warranties.
  • They appreciate less hassle. That’s why the Toner Finder on this site is so easy to use and why it’s easy to buy the same consistent great toners and drums week-in and week-out.
  • They appreciate quality. That requires a direct factory relationship, ongoing quality control, manufacture to ISO standards, better-than or equal-to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.
  • They appreciate variety. Depending on budget and print demand, you can shop here for toners and drums that provide many more prints from the same sized unit. Browse standard, high-yield, extra-high yield, and jumbo drums and toners for thousands of printers.
  • They appreciate the whole story. With all the disinformation out there, it’s nice to get all your answers in one place… and have every purchase backed up by the equipment for which they were designed. Plus, Laser Toner World provides a One-Year 100% Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • And finally, they appreciate personal accountability. Personal accountability goes beyond the One-Year 100% Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee. When you spend decades serving business owners, you meet a great deal of people who are just out to make a buck and a handful of people who want to make a difference. Personal accountability means protecting the customer’s best interest no matter what comes down the line.

So why start Laser Toner World?

Because there was nothing in the world quite like it. Put three decades of printer supply experience to work for you. Expect beautiful, consistent printing, while saving money and time. Tarrie Richmond and the whole Laser Toner World team takes your satisfaction personally, and we’re honored by the chance to earn your business. Get started now with the easy-to-use Toner Finder.

What does Beyond Compatible mean for you?

Beyond Compatible toners and drums are guaranteed to perform at or beyond original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, while costing you less and saving you time.

  • Connected – Rather than being bought in lots from Chinese shipping containers, Beyond Compatible toners and drums are manufactured to Laser Toner World specifications in ISO 9001/14001 and/or STMC-Certified facilities. In this time of tariff wars and international trade concerns, staying connected prevents surprises and protects our customers.
  • Consistent – A fully-traceable batch number tracks each product through manufacture and distribution. Strict quality control guidelines and continuous testing programs follow the units through the entire line, to test their performance under real working conditions and verify durability, consistency, overall integrity, character yield, and density.
  • Quality – Your beyond-compatible toners and drums are guaranteed to function at the highest level, every time, in the equipment for which they were designed. Plus, Laser Toner World provides a One-Year 100% Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee to protect your bottom line.

Get started now with the Toner Finder and experience Beyond Compatible toners and drums for yourself.

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