6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Printers

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Fuser Rollers Reach About 401 Degrees Fahrenheit

Once all of your San Antonio laser toner has been electrostatically fused to your paper, it is sent to a pair of heated fuser rollers that melt the toner into the paper fibers. These rollers can reach temperatures of 401 degrees fahrenheit.

So, how does this happen without burning up the paper? Speed. The paper moves through the rollers incredibly fast, and even then your paper is still nice and toasty when it’s done.

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Roughly One Gallon of Oil Goes Into Making a Printer Cartridge

That’s right. Every time you use one of our San Antonio laser toner printer cartridges, you’re using up roughly one gallon of oil.

Wait, now how does that make sense? The answer lies in all the steps between manufacturing the printer cartridge and having it delivered to your location. This entire process requires about a gallon of oil. 

Laser Printers Use More Energy Than Your Computer

When in use, your laser printer uses three times more power than your desktop. However, when your printer isn’t in use, your computer uses roughly five times the power of the printer.

The Largest Printer In the World Measures 40 X 164 Feet

The printer known as Infinitus, made by Big Image Systems, is the largest printer on earth. It can print images as large as 2,000 feet. These images are commonly used as backdrops for movies, television shows, and concerts.

150 Pages Per Minute Is the Fastest Rate of Speed for Printing

These printers are made by RISO, and not only can it print at 150 pages per minute, it can print in color at that rate of speed as well. Compare this to most modern printers with an average rate of 15 to 30 pages per minute.

Laser Printers Are Considered More Accurate Than Inkjet Printers

And with the sheer level of complexity that goes into laser printing, which is explained more in this blog post, they sure as heck better be!

You can expect clear and sharp images/text from our San Antonio laser toner and printer drums.

Ink Is Pricey

san antonio laser tonerAs a matter of fact, when it comes to retail cost, black printer ink alone is one of the most expensive liquids on earth! When compared by the gallon, it’s more expensive than oil.

Our laser toner in San Antonio is far more cost effective. If you need printing equipment for your business, our products won’t let you down.

Laser Printers Cost More Than Inkjet Printers, but the Cost of Laser Toner Cartridges and Printer Paper is Lower

If you need large-scale printing for your business or university, laser printing is the way to go for a number of reasons:

  • They print faster
  • They print more accurately
  • The on-going cost of products is lower than inkjet printers

Laser printing is the way to go. If you need San Antonio laser toner and printer drums for your business, contact us today!

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