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How Our San Antonio Laser Toner & Printer Drums Work

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San Antonio Laser Toner

Our San Antonio laser toner is used to create text and images on the printer paper. It goes through a complicated process to do so. Laser printers incorporate heat, lasers, carbon, static, and mirrors for printing. 

Laser toner is a fine powder comprised mainly of ground polyester. Earlier forms of laser toner were comprised of carbon powder and iron oxide. Over time, the carbon was melt-mixed with a polymer for better quality.

To show you how our products work, let’s get into a little bit of science.

Static Electricity

San Antonio Laser Toner

Understanding how our San Antonio laser toner and printer drums work means understanding static electricity, which itself means first understanding how atoms and matter in general work. 

All matter is composed of atoms – structures of charged particles (electrons and protons, as well as neutrons which have no charge) held together by electromagnetic fields. 

Charged particles emit electric fields in all directions and, depending on the charge, this field will either be directed toward or away from the particle. Protons are positively charged particles and thus emit electric fields in an outward direction; electrons are negatively charged and thus emit electric fields in an inward direction.

Opposites attract and likes repel; this is what holds atoms together. However, some atoms hold their electrons more securely than others. The triboelectric series is determined by the strength of atoms to hold onto their electrons. Material that gives up electrons more easily is on the positive end of the triboelectric series, while material that holds onto its electrons more securely finds itself on the more negative end.

Objects with oppositely charged static fields cling together. This is one of the principles by which laser printers work. 

The Process

San Antonio Laser TonerOur San Antonio laser toner works with our printer drums (made of photoconductive material discharged by photons). In your printer, the drum is given a positive charge. The drum then begins to revolve as a small beam of light shines over the surface, creating negatively charged points; electrostatic images and/or text is effectively “drawn” onto the printer drum. This can also be done in the reverse – the printer drum becoming negatively charged and the text and images being created by points of positive charge.

All of this is done through data being sent from your computer to the printer. Once the electrostatic text and images are set, the drum is coated with appropriately charged toner. With a positively charged printer drum and negatively charged image and text points, laser toner – given a positive charge – thus adheres to the negatively charged spaces on the printer drum, which then rolls over a sheet of paper. The paper is also given a negative charge, but this charge is more powerful than the negative charge of the electrostatic text and images so that the paper can pull the positively charged toner off the drum – text and images are thus transferred to the paper. The paper is detached from the drum by being discharged right after it picks up the toner.

The final step is when the paper passes through the fuser – two heated rollers that melt the toner powder and completely fuses it with the paper fibers. This is why your freshly printed papers come out hot.

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