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Laser Toner

San Antonio Laser TonerOur laser toner allows laser printers and photocopiers to connect text and images to paper. 

Ever wonder how this process actually works? It’s easy: the toner (a powder mixture) is melted by the fuser where it is then bonded to the paper through the toner cartridge.

Toner is comprised mainly of granulated plastic, as well as fumed silica, polypropylene, and various minerals for triboelectrification (an effect by which materials attain an electrical charge when separated from a material with which they were connected).

Modern laser toner for color copiers and printers come in sets of:

  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Magenta

These colors can be mixed to create a large color gamut for printing images and texts, creating crisp, clear documents.

Printer Drums

San Antonio Laser TonerLaser printing involves transferring page data to the printer, which then draws paper into it and passes it over electrically charged rollers on a wire. This creates a negative charge. The charge is then altered by the laser in the printer and the text and images are drawn into the static matching data from the computer. The toner adheres to your San Antonio printer drum in the places where it has been touched by the laser and the toner is pulled off the drum by the negative charge. It is then heated, passed through a set of rollers, and the toner and fused to the paper.

What You’ll Get With Our Products

With Laser Toner World, you will get compatible San Antonio printer drums and laser toner at affordable prices, and with our free shipping of orders over $50, you can get longer-term benefits at a cheaper price. 

It’s a better idea to purchase compatible cartridges rather than OEM (Genuine) brands, as you can save over 70% on the cost of ink.

Our products have been manufactured in ISO 9001/14001 and/or STMC-certified facilities, and they’re backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

A lot of people regard laser toner products as unreliable. With our San Antonio laser toner and printer drums, that perception is about to change.

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